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Create profissional e-mail marketing campaings and attain the best results

E-mail marketing is a powerful communication tool used by brands to achieve a diversity of goals. In addition to efficiency , it still has the advantage of having a low cost activation. But the success of an e-mail marketing campaign depends, among other factors , on the platform you choose. With unique features , customizable features and personalized service, Akna offers to the market the most complete email marketing solution. Beyond offering a friendly, easy to use interface, the platform allows individual operations or full integration with its CRM , ERP , Website , E-commerce or any other system ..

Who uses Akna

1398907886_importantAkna does not supply contact lists.




Integrate your website with contact lists in a few seconds. Create practical integrations with your lists safely, quickly, and without any programming knowledge to optimize your campaigns and results in the following two ways:

API integration: Automating contact lists updates.

Embedded form integration: Generating HTML code to be used on your site , enabling automatic contact insertion in your contact list.


Smart lists

The new smart lists feature aims It aims to dynamically filter contact lists in real time, enabling a more agile and dynamic consolidation for your campaigns.Segment your contacts by level of engagement, creating advanced filters and a deep segmentation of who really should be engaged.


Drag and Drop Editor

AKNAs new Editor has an innovative design and is user friendly. This innovative feature includes drag and drop images , redesigned file manager, friendly interface, responsive templates and image editor. And that’s just the beginning! You will have incredible experience and results with the infinite creativity that the New Editor offers.



Create a relationship ruler with your customers and leverage expressively your conversions and results with email marketing. Aknas Automation, beyond a resource for automatic deployment, is a powerful digital networking tool, which includes Across Channels 1 interactions : 1 ( one- to-one ) , and behaviors of Remarketing, Online shopping cart abandonment triggers, A/B tests and much more; all programed and managed within the same interface.



HTML editor

Create your message in a simple and intuitive way. If you want, you can import your HTML ready for campaign creation.


Importing Contacts

Import your contacts using an Excel spreadsheet, Notepad (TXT), API and other formats.


Deployment scheduling

Send your e-mails to the scheduled date and time facilitating your day-to-day campaigns planning.



Send e- mails according to the profile of your customer and find their behavior to optimize your campaigns.

Repeated e-mails control

All repeated emails to your lists are detected automatically by our tool.

Error classification

View your campaings error returns, segmented by the possible existing errors.

Garantee of delivery

Optimize your e-mails delivery rate with our dedicated IPs, and avoid getting them classified as SPAM.

Invalid e-mails control

Our platform automatically cleans invalid e-mail addresses.

View and Clicks reports

Monitor and know the amount of clicks, views and performance of your actions and e-mail campaigns.

Automatic text version

Transform your messages automatically into text version for reading on devices that do not support HTML.

SPF Verification

The SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a method used to validate the authenticity of the e-mail sender. Our platform allows you to check whether the SPF configured correctly.

Personalized Tracking

Personalize the address used as tracking in your domains URLs.

Google Analytics Integration

Automatically add Google Analytics parameters in existing URLs in your e- mail marketing actions.

Integrated Antispam Tests

Perform antispam tests to assess the delivery of messages to the inbox or spam folders.

Integrated Preview and Opt-out

All e-mails sent by the AKNA displays, at the header and footer, the opt-out message which can be standard to the platform or customized in your HTML.

Possibility to save Defined Selection

Create advanced segmentations and save them for use in other actions and campaigns.

Individual Contact History

Utilize this feature reports to view the days, times and the behavior of each recipient that received your e-mail marketing.

Opt-out Research

This feature allows you to assess the reasons why recipients equested not to receive e-mail marketing.

Contact Manipulation Based on Deployments

Build contact lists based on results of previous messages to generated future actions.

Twitter e Facebook Integration

Share and publish your email campaigns automatically in social networks and increase the engagement of your brand.

A/B Tests

Create actions using our Test feature A/B, with subject , content, sender, and varied automatic actions , thus seeking the best results from the recipient’s behavior.

E-mail Fowarding

This feature strengthens the capture of contacts, enabling the sharing of action for new contacts, by indication (viral marketing).

Additional Fields

These fields are additional data that makes up your contacts database and are used to customize messages, segment the deployment or measure the results with information about the recipients.

HTML Renderer

Before deploying , make sure everything is perfect and preview the content of your actions on key customers e-mails by using the E-mail Renderer.


We cherish above all for his safety . Check out some of AKNAs unique security features.

  • Control access permissions by teams and users.
  • View the access and operations history.
  • Separate or share information between teams.
  • Create rules of access with data and IP limits.

CMR, ERP, E-commerce

Integrate our platform with processes and data with CRM, ERP, e-commerce and others. We also offer automatic capture via contact forms, deployment of transactional emails and more.

Return Path

We offer complete support with the Return Path certification process.

Adaptive Delivery

Akna exclusive feature for automated processing of contact lists. Protect yourself against spamtraps blocks (E-mail traps) when sending messages , reducing deployment volume with no interference in the results of each action.

Results Analysis

Complete Reports for analysis of the results of your actions and campaings:

  • Precise reports for ROI analysis.
  • Monitor post-click navigation with conversion treatment.
  • Map the geolocation of the contacts that interacted with your messages.
  • Delivery, visualization, clicks and errors statistics.
  • Contact loyalty level analysis.
  • Complete integration history by contact.

Avaliable Templates

  • Free templates and intuitive HTML editor.
  • Drag and Drop options allows you to create templates without the need for codes.

Akna Survey


Know your public preferences and optimize your results

Treated as a major competitive advantage , knowledge is the factor that determines the success of a professional or company.

The launch of a product or service depends on a need or opinion of your target audience . Knowing this opinion is essential to determine the characteristics and features of your new product or service and increase the chances of success.

The Akna Survey is a research module that allows your company develop polls and forms with complete flexibility to determine various types of answers.
Allows you to smartly show or hide questions based on previous answers.

The results can be tracked in real time or later analyzed with various levels of segmentation . This way, your company gets to know your audience better, be it your client or even your employees and direct their efforts with assertiveness.

ico_tabulacao Advanced Tabs

Get specific results from the crossing of data and manage key information for making strategic decisions.


Set the texts , colors and images of the pages of your research according to your preferences , or use the visual identity of your company.

ico_controleFlux Control

Develop sophisticated research , in which each answer enables or disables other questions . Control paging, insert page breaks between questions or skip entire pages , depending on the answers provided by the participants.

ico_integracao Integration

Use the integration between Akna Survey and Akna E- Mail Marketing to enrich the mailing and perform actions based on the results of the research . The integration allows shooting, via e-mail invitations containing the link of one or more research and records automatically answers ased on the data for each contact list.

ico_perfil Individual Answers

For questioneers who will participate only once , using your own personal computer.

ico_perfil2Shared Answers

Generally used in public use computers, kiosks, showrooms and fairs, when the same computer collects feedback from various participants.

Akna SMS


Corporate economic, agile and secure SMS comunication.

sms_iconsHave full management of your campaigns , with respect to the customer and tracking results.

SMS is also a powerful communication tool used by brands to achieve various goals.

In addition to efficiency, low cost of activation and unique features, AKNAs SMS product offers to the market the most complete solution for SMS Marketing, Transactional and Cross Channel!

Oficial and direct conection with all Brasilian TELCO providers

SMS deployment without contact restrictions, in any region of the country. With any provider.


Say no to SMS Piracy.

Who uses Akna

1398907886_importantAkna does not supply contact lists.

Available Versions

SMS Marketing

AKNA SMS expands the opportunities for communication and relationship with your target audience , ensuring the reach of your target and consequent detachment from the competition by adding value to your brand.

Capture leads, build new contacts databases for e-mail marketing campaigns, perform automatic triggers between both medias and create a unique experience. Be part of the new era of digital cross channel relationship and start using the AKNAs SMS!

SMS Transactional (comming soon)

The AKNA SMS Transactional executes deployments of SMS on demand, creating a targeted and personalized communication from a transaction.

With a huge range of applications, the AKNA Transactional SMS enables a high level of deployable integrations and customizations according to your need.

Interactive SMS (comming soon)

The AKNA SMS Interactive expands comunications between both ends aggressively, creating intelligence and greater assertiveness in the relationship with your customers and prospects.

Design a new experience to your target audience and make it interact intelligently and creatively.

Why acquire the best solution on the market?

Message clicks Identification
(Aknas exclusive feature)

Identify clicks on links within messages , optimizing their results for more assertive campaigns.

(Aknas exclusive feature)

Identify clicks on links within messages , optimizing their results for more assertive campaigns.

Cross-Channel Automation

Structure the best way to integrate shipping automation between SMS and E- mail Marketing by creation rules of relationships and intelligent data segmentation, reaching your goal, be it a sales funnel, engagement or a campaign for branding or product.


Mora than half of the Brazilians impacted by the SMS media.

  • 73% of Brazilians does not leave  home without their mobile devices;
  • 84% of Brazilians have a cellphone;
  • 88%  use their smartphones during their daily activities;

Automatic Opt-outs

Manage Opt-ins and Opt-outs automaticaly, standard requirement for good e-mail marketing practices and respect for the consumer.

Assertive Segmentation

Create assertive segmentation with targeted communication to those who must be reached.

Message Customization

Customization of messages with custom fields , allowing , for example , the automatic insertion of the customer’s name in each SMS.

Scheduled Deploykents

Automatic SMS deployment only at allowed times, in line with market regulations.

A new experience of interaction with your audience.

Inspire your Prospects

According to specific studies , we know that 50 % of consumers impacted by SMS are inspired to buy.


About 30 % of people shows or forward an SMS Marketing to a friend.


  • About 31 % of people prefer SMS instead of phone calls.

Agility e Visibility

More than 90 % of SMS messages are opened and read in less than three minutes, and the cellphones are about 14 hours daily within reach, ie, almost the entire period in which they are awake.

Protect yourself agains Pirate SMS and ``chipeiras``.

What are the main differences between a real SMS an False SMS?

Real SMS

  • Submitted by companies approved by the TELCO providers, delivered safely.
  • Messages sent during normal hours authorized by Anatel officialy and from numbers that usually consists of 3-6 digits.
  • Respect the rules established by Anatel and other specific forums that regulate the market, such as the MEF ( Mobile Entertainment Forum).
False SMS

  • Messages with irrelevant, unsolicited or unauthorized content , sent by companies not approved by the providers.
  • Messages sent at any time (even at night or very early), from a mobile phone number (area code + 8 or 9 digits) and unsolicited content.
  • Sending Pirate SMS affect companies that use approved partners tools , congests systems and, above all, annoys users and customers.

How to differentiate an True SMS from a False SMS?

A fake SMS usually comes from an unknown cell phone number, with unsolicited or unauthorized irrelevant content, offering great benefits , premiums and often asks for the recipe to return a call to a random phone number.

Combat against pirated SMS in Brazil inspires global initiative

The work of integrators and providers present in Brazil to combat so-called “SMS pirate” in recent years, served as inspiration for the creation of a global initiative against fraud in text messages. Called ” Messaging for the future” , the project is led by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum and aims to develop a global list of best practices for sending SMS . Behind the initiative, 16 companies, between members and non – members of the organization, from various continents, including Brazilian integrators, as Zenvia and Movile.

“Initially it would be a regional project in Latin America, but we have identified a great interest from players from other regions. Eventually earning a global level, ” explains Gabriela Fernandes, new general manager of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum for Latin America.

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